[Latest] GTA 5 free Epic Games Store download: Grand Theft Auto rumour. GTA 5 and GTA Online appearing on the Epic Games Store GTA 5 is free game

[Latest] GTA 5 free Epic Games Store download: Grand Theft Auto rumour
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UPDATE:- GTA 5 is rumoured to be subsequent free game being made available on the Epic Games Store in the week. And while Epic Games has revealed nothing thus far regarding its plans, they need provided a countdown to when its next free download is going to be revealed. Also, Read:- Xbox Series X price will be $100 cheaper than PS5 claim industry insiders OMG

The Epic Games Store countdown is about to finish at 4pm, GMT and will be the time we finally determine if this latest report is correct.

ORIGINAL:- A surprise rumour has surfaced in the week that links GTA 5 and GTA Online appearing on the Epic Games Store because of the next free download.

The mainstream Rockstar Games title as of late left Xbox Game Pass and was highlighted as a PlayStation Now game a year ago.
And it’s interesting to notice that GTA 5 went from being available on PS Now straight to the sports Pass, leaving just the PC platform without a subscription option.

And in the week has seen a replacement rumour surface that means PC gamers are going to be going one better and getting the title for free of charge.

The Epic Games Store has been offering up free PC titles since it launched, spanning from the Indie genre to games like war Z.

And the next one is overdue to be announced, with Epic Games listing its next free title as a “mystery game”. Also, Read:- Realme TV’s Live Packaging Image leak 43-inch Screen Size, Netflix Support

What makes in the week a touch different is that there's also a countdown showing just when its next free game is going to be announced.

This should be happening at around 5pm GMT, on May 14, 2020, building hype around something that Epic Games is clearly pumped about.

With a countdown and a mystery game placeholder, it might add up that this is able to be an enormous game.

But there are no official hints from Epic Games that they're close to launching GTA 5 as a free download.

That comes from a special source, with GamePressure claiming that they need to be given the knowledge from an anonymous, but the very well-informed source.

The site reports that GTA 5 is going to be available to download for free of charge from the Epic Games Store on May 14 until May 21.

It will reportedly include the Premium Edition of GTA 5, which usually comes with the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack.

“The grand larceny Auto V: Premium Online Edition includes the entire grand larceny Auto V storey experience, free access to the ever-evolving grand larceny Auto Online and everyone existing gameplay upgrades and content including The Doomsday Heist, Gunrunning, Smuggler’s Run, Bikers and far more,” the official Rockstar Games description reads.

“You’ll also get the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, the fastest thanks to jumpstarting your criminal empire in grand larceny Auto Online.”


The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack is that the quickest path for fresh out of the box new GTA Online players to kick off their criminal domains with the chief energizing and well-known substance in addition to $1,000,000 reward money to spend in GTA Online - all substance esteemed at over GTA$10,000,000 whenever bought independently. Also, Read:- Mi Router AX1800 With Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Support, price in India


Tear through the roads with an assortment of 10 superior vehicles including a Supercar, Motorcycles, the weaponized Dune FAV, a Helicopter, a Rally Car and that's only the tip of the iceberg. You’ll also get properties including a ten car garage to store your growing fleet.

The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack contains the following:



  • Maze Bank West Executive Office
  • Paleto Forest Gunrunning Bunker
  • Senora Desert Counterfeit Cash Factory
  • Great Chaparral Biker Clubhouse
  • 1561 San Vitas Street Apartment
  • 1337 Exceptionalists Way 10 Car Garage


  • Dune FAV
  • Maibatsu Frogger
  • Enus Windsor
  • Obey Omnis
  • Coquette Classic
  • Turismo R
  • Pegassi Vortex
  • Huntley S
  • Western Zombie Chopper
  • Banshee

Weapons, Clothing & Tattoos:

  • Compact Grenade Launcher
  • Marksman Rifle
  • Compact Rife
  • Stunt Race & Import / Export Outfits, Biker Tattoos

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