australia forest fire in 2020

australia forest fire in 2020,australia fire
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  another angry resident he wants to talk about more support for the Rural Fire Service the Prime Minister shaking a woman's hand and then walking away as she continued to talk about the help her community needs he then encountered a firefighter who was equally unenthused at the idea of shaking his hand well after these encounters Scot Morrison said he wasn't surprised that people are feeling very raw and certainly this crisis is bringing incredible pressure on many Australians here are some of the most recent pictures these are from Victoria and youcan see the scale of not just the fires but the volume of smoke that's being generated many of these are so big they're even forming their own weather events which can then generate lightning which then in turn sparks more fires these pictures released by firefighters in New South Wales again show us the extreme conditions in which these men and women are working what's got these pictures from a small town in New South Wales called Mogo the devastation is all but complete
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 and because of all of this thousands of Australians have decided they need to leave the areas affected in part because conditions are predicted to worsen over the weekend with more hyper temperatures and more strong winds because of all of this New South Wales has declared a week-long state of emergency that is partly because of the calculation that the threat level is likely to increase rather than decrease another way of viewing the scale of this is this satellite image which shows you the volume of smoke  the California wildfires of 2018 went through 800,000 hectares in just New South Wales in Australia more than 4 million hectares have been burnt in the last 6 months that's brought devastating human costs and devastating environmental costs to ecologists at the University of Sydney are estimating 480 million animals have been killed by these fires koalas have been terribly affected 8,000 estimated to have died to put that in context that's around one third of the koala population in New South Wales so that's here boy from Australians who have been caught up in this story the fireball just came through at about 80 K an hour hit the house and then we ran into the lake and there all the embers and everything were hitting us butter here a little bit and we're in there for about an hour before we got rescued and something like that stares you in the face 

australia fire forest,fire on australia
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it's very frightening so I'd like to thank everybody that's done something for me I think someone's dropped a bomb on us basically that's what it feels likeso here kabaah go on the coast move north in the direction of Sydney and you'll come to a town called kong jolla also in New South Wales the is there the extent of the damage that these huge fires have caused here in Lake Khan Jolla  is all around homes have been ravaged the earth is scorched still smoldering still hot you can feel the smoke three people died in the small community alone one of them just up the street over here this is one of the coastal towns where tourists have been given 48 hours to evacuate many of the have been trying to get out it's been very hard for them to leave because the conditions around us are still quite  hazardous residents are still in shock at what happened to their town some have left when the fires hit others stayed to defend their homes we could see survived [Music] yeah it's pretty traumatic that's one resident of con Jolla and this image was photographed in his town it's been featured on many front pages around the world and was taken by the  photojournalist Matthew Abbot he tweeted my last day of the decade felt like the apocalypse had been covering the fires for the last six weeks but I haven't seen anything like yesterday's fire that decimated the town of conch Ola he's been speaking to the trending news I came down the Main Street and this one house was on fire you know there was lots of neighbors trying to put the house out you know trying to remove garbage bins that were melting and trying to take their own properties with with hose it's a dangerous job there
 all time map raliaof australia,australia forest fire maps
all time maps of australis
 are times when you know you kind of wondering you know should I go down this road or should sure hold back but you know it's very important for photographers to be able to to be there and see these things  as they happen and you know this image is probably you know it is testament to that it's being seen around the world and it gives an idea of just just how serious this current crisis crisis is for astronomers well there's Kanchana on the map goes south and you get to the coastal town of mallacoota in victoria people they're about to take shelter on the beach they did so on New Year's Eve incredibly this image was taken during the daytime you may well have seen this image widely shared of an 11 year old boy steering his family to safety in a boat there and we know that dozens of homes have already been destroyed in this town an  it's also becoming hard to get help into the people who are there there's only one Road in mallacoota that gets you in and out and it's cut off that means thousands of people are trapped that also means the Australian Navy is starting to work on getting people out by boat so we had the opportunity today to potentially move about 500 people out of mallacoota the the interesting thing about it at the moment is some people may not want to leave they may want to stay in there with it with their four-wheel drives and their caravans until such time as they may be able to get out by Road that could be a number of weeks there could be two to three weeks at this stage now meteorologists will always tell you it's impossible to link a specific extreme weather event with climate change they're not so reticent though when talking about temperatures in Australia across the last century coming from 1910 warmer and warmer and warmer in particular increases in the last 25 years and these long-term temperature increases are connected to climate change which in turn is caused by human activity 
destroy a building from fire,forest fire destroy building
destroy all building
and we know there have been record temperatures throughout these weeks when the bush fires have spread all of which means some Australians argue the fires are a moment of reckoning Bridgette Delaney is a journalist with Guardian Australiashe says maybe these fires will be Australia's Sandy Hook parkland moment we urge the government to do something and if they don't create a meaningful climate policy after this epic destructive summer they probably never will now we've seen this view widely shared the idea that if this doesn't shift the debate perhaps nothing will what we'll have to see but the government so far has yet to move an inch on its climate policies and the prime minister Scott Morrison might argue he doesn't need to he says he's already acknowledged the link between reducing emissions and reducing the risks of bush fire season like this one it's worth remembering though mr. Morrison's deputy said of arguments linking these bush fires to climate change that they were the ravings of some pure enlightened and woke capitol city greenies and he's still the Deputy Prime Minister prime minister also argues that Australia is keeping its side of the bargain on climate change here's more from him on this what we will do is ensure that our policies remain sensible that they don't move towards either extreme and stay focused on what Australians need for a vibrant and viable economy as well as the outset is to fight these fires and to get peopleto safety the Prime Minister is talking about balance let's add a little more context to that Australia is the world's third largest exporter of fossil fuels you can see Russia Saudi Arabia one and to Australia third and the mature those fossil fuel exports are cold in 2018 Australia exported 42 billion dollars worth of coal and of course fossil fuels are an enormous contributor to global warming but as the Prime Minister alluded to they also create lots of jobs around 50,000 workers in Australia are connected to the fossil fuel industry and we know that around 60 percent of Australia's electricity comes from coal-fired power stations indeed last year a new coal mine was approved in Queensland but the way the australians are calculating their emissions is also being challenged more broadly this is all part of the Paris climate change agreement the government says it's not doing anything wrong but the woman who created the Paris Accord a former French government minister has said that actually if the Australians are continuing to can as they do this is just cheating so there are extreme pressures again coming on Australia and its approach to this issue now the hottest temperatures on record in Australia unprecedented bush fires you might think this was a guaranteed lead story in the Australian news media it is for some is the Sydney Morning Herald escaping the red zone as its headline but here we have the Australian newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch known to lean to the right politically its main pictures about horse-racing its main story is about it yet to be confirmed proposal to restrict alcohol sales in Western Australia and you can see the bush fires are positioned here 
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bushfire in helicopter
 on the day after Australia's highest temperatures on record the Australian layered with Asia's cold hunger to lift exports more evidence that these firesmare more broadly climate change and how they're covered in the media are profoundly political inAustralia the conclusions people draw about what's causing these current bush fires will impact on how Australians view climate change how they view their fossil fuel industry how they want their economy to be structured and that's why the media the politicians the people are all playing close attention not just to what's happening but the conclusions that are drawn here's more on that point from Atika Bourke correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald based here in London Australia's well used to bushfires but this extremity this intensity this degree Australia is not seen before and these are the worsening living memory and so while people run around in Australia saying hey this is not to do with climate change Australia's always been in this country of droughts of fires and floods that's true but the climate change scientists have always says that this is what would happen those things would become more intense those things would become more extreme and now people are dealing with this inferno on their doorsteps they're seeing their houses raised their homes lost and in many instances 'I m lives gone Scott Morrison has dealt with this extremely badly as you can see from that footage now he was overseas on holiday in Hawaii when these fires really did start to get quite intense and there were lives lost at that point he was forced to come back I think he resented that and now he's trying here to say to his supporters this is a moment change because the moment he accepts that this is to do with climate change he's in a very vulnerable position and there's much more on what'shappening in Australia via the trending news.

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